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Chinese streamer was arrested for five days for “disrespectful” singing the hymn

The girl sang for 44 million subscribers – one of them complained to the police.

Yang Kylie. Weibo Photos

Twenty-year-old streamer from China Yang Kaili (Yang Kaili) spent five days in the police. The girl was sent under arrest for the fact that she “disrespectfully and insultingly” sang the national anthem on one of the live broadcasts. This was reported by the BBC.

October 7, Kylie led stream for its 44 million subscribers on the platform Huya, analogue of Twitch. She turned on the “Volunteer March” (the original name of the Chinese hymn), began waving her arms, imitating the conductor and singing along.

On October 13, Shanghai police reported that she arrested Kylie for five days for “insulting the national anthem.” The press service explained that citizens should “respect and protect the dignity of national symbols,” including on the Internet, where “the same moral standards and laws” apply.

According to Chinese law , disrespect for national symbols, such as a hymn or a flag, faces up to 15 days in jail. The Chinese authorities have not only arrested the strymersha, but also blocked its channel. “Our hymn is sacred and my behavior hurt everyone,” Kylie said in an apology statement. She also promised to devote herself to studying the history and patriotism of China.

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