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Australian Senate rejects anti-white racism resolution

On Monday, the Senate voted with a score of 31 to 28 and rejected the resolution of Paulina Hanson, leader of the anti-immigrant party , One Nation.

Paulina Hanson
Paulina Hanson

Australian Minister of Indigenous Affairs and some of his colleagues were called upon to resign Monday, after they supported the resolution submitted by Senator Paulina Hansen “Being white is normal,” which emphasized the sharp rise in anti-white racism.

Paulina Hanson: I also hope that the Senate will do the right thing and recognize that being white is normal. Such a simple sentence should be taken for granted, but I suspect that it would be difficult for many members to talk about it here.

The Minister for Indigenous Affairs, voting in support of what is widely known as the white slogan of excellence, “Being white is normal,” makes his office as minister completely untenable. He needs to resign.

Luke Pearson
founder of the anti-racist group IndigenousX

The Senate recognizes:
(a) the deplorable growth of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilization
(b) It’s normal to be white

Paulina Hanson
proposed resolution

This movement regained its relevance in Australia after the 23-year-old Canadian nationalist star YouTube YouTube toured Australia and wore shirts with the slogan “Being white is normal”, as well as proposals to ban immigration of Muslims from non-English speaking third world countries .

Hanson’s proposal received votes from the ruling liberal-national coalition, including Deputy Senate Leader and Trade Minister Simon Birmingham, Small Business Minister Michelia Cash, Resource Minister Matt Canavan, Communications Minister Mitch Fayfild, Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scallion. Liberal Senator Lucy Jichuhi, born in Kenya and the first African-born black man to be elected to the Australian Parliament, also voted in favor of the motion.

List of 28 senators who supported the proposal

The slogan “Being white is normal” has a long history in the white Suprematist movement. The privileged white English-speaking community holds positions of power, including in the Senate, while the Australian aborigines are more likely to die young, and Africans are more likely to experience racism. It’s not just being normal white in Australia, it’s actually a ticket to win the lottery. Look around you and tell me how many faces are not white.

Richard Di Natale
Green Party Leader

The Assistant Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Anne Ruston, made a short statement in the Senate stating that the government condemns all forms of racism.

The movement “ It’s OK to be white” started spreading back in 2017, when relevant leaflets began to be distributed in the USA, which were criticized by society and subjected to comparisons with racist insults. Similar movements were in other English-speaking countries: Great Britain, New Zealand and Canada.

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