Art: “Moscow Prayer”

The book, headphones, and as a nimbus – MCC on the metro map.

Users of Reddit drew attention to the picture of the Russian artist Andrei Shatilova entitled “Moscow Prayer”. On it, the author combined the traditional representation of the saints on the icons with the characteristic details of the atmosphere of the Moscow metro. The girl doesn’t have the Bible in her hands, but a regular book, headphones are screwed on her finger, and instead of a halo there is an ICC line from the circuit in the car.

Shatilov presented the picture in August 2018 at a personal exhibition in St. Petersburg. English users highly appreciated the idea and execution of the artist’s work. According to commentators, the art would go to Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book universe “Metro 2033” and games based on novels.

Shatilov often makes pictures with newspaper clippings and headlines at the base. So he painted the football players participating in the 2018 World Cup, Steve Jobs and actor Pierre Richard. The last he gave a picture during a trip to an exhibition in France.


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