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Neck or waist: another “optical illusion”

To see the waist is hard, and to stop seeing it is even harder.

About a week ago, musician MartyMula posted a photo on his Twitter that sparked ongoing discussions. At first, everything seems obvious: the picture shows a woman’s neck with a short haircut over it. However, then there are doubts, they become stronger, and now the brain understands that everything is in fact wrong.

Even with this knowledge, it is difficult to get rid of the first image from the head – instead of the back and head of hair, you still see the neck and not too thick growth on the head.

Photos continue to actively retweet and distribute over the network despite the fact that a lot of time has passed since the publication of the original image.

Marty Mula rapper posted on Twitter a photo that was the likeness of an optical illusion. At first glance, someone removed the head of a man with short hair.


y I thought it was her neck”
“This is me staring at the picture for five minutes, trying to figure out how this is not the neck”
If you look closely, the photo shows not the neck and not the back of the head, but a girl with long hair and a slender waist. But this is Twitter – there are other options.

“I thought it was a wig on someone’s hand.”
It’s time to decide everything finally.

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