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Navalny was released after 50 days of arrest

“In the days I sit here, we saw a lot of evidence that this regime was completely degraded.”

Alexey Navalny at the exit to freedom. Photos from his instagram

Alexei Navalny was released after two consecutive arrests, for a total of 50 days. The politician was serving a sentence for violations of actions against pension reform and the “strike of voters.”

Even unexpectedly not to see my police friends. Everything is very good, thank you very much. I honestly did not know if I could get out today and get home. But I want to say first of all thank you very much to everyone who supported. I would like to convey huge greetings to those who are still under arrest in the regions, to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in our actions.

It seems to me that in the 50 days I’m sitting here, we saw a lot of evidence that this regime was completely degraded – from failures in foreign intelligence to failures in the space industry. And if someone thinks that these arrests — a thing, of course, unpleasant — can be intimidated or stopped, then this is certainly not the case. Thank you very much, now I really want to be at home very much.

Alexey Navalny

Video with the first words of Navalny free.

Navalny was arrested for 20 days on September 24, the day of his release after 30 days of arrest for the January rally during the “strike of voters.” Politics was detained near the Special Receiver a few seconds after being released.

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