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WhatsApp started playing scenes on the streets of India to teach how to fight fake news

The country was not chosen by chance: due to rumors in the messenger it came to murder.

The artists who are hired by WhatsApp demonstrate the harm of fake news. Reuters Photos

WhatsApp hired artists to overcome the stream of fake news that flooded the messenger in India. According to Reuters, several teams have already begun to travel around the country and talk in the streets about the differences between fake information and real information.

One of the first such speeches was held in the popular tourist city of Jaipur. In place of the truck arrived, painted in corporate colors. Five men came out of it. The artists gathered around themselves a crowd and began to show in the format of a street theater how the spread of misinformation can lead to violence – in particular, outside large cities where religious prejudices are especially strong. They also read rap. Reuters has a short story about the presentation.

How hard the WhatsApp campaign will affect the locals is difficult to say. Judging by the words of Indians who were interviewed by Reuters, many need even the simplest explanations.

[Using the talk] I learned how to get out of the WhatsApp group that strangers created for me. I also learned how to recognize a redirected message and check its validity before forwarding it.

Bhavani Rathor
35-year-old teacher who started using whatsapp a few months ago

India is the largest market for WhatsApp, with 200 million users. Messenger and Facebook, to which it belongs, are criticized in the country because of the spread of misinformation in the messenger.

WhatsApp’s fake news in India has already been fatal. The story became widely known when residents of the small village of Reinpad believed in rumors about “hunters for children’s organs.” Because of this, in July, the locals beat to death five tourists who just came to the fair.

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