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Vkontakte hosted the second “PixelBattle”. How it was

A three-day pixelbattle passed on VKontakte. VKontakte has already done such events. This time she was dedicated in honor of the 12th anniversary. Last year, too, but also in honor of Viktor Tsoi.

Giants became Lentak, Bratishkin and KB. Lentach and Bratishkin united and created a large territory. The CB played one but later was supported by small public and streamers. It looked like this territory Lentach and Bratishkina. The CB took the right side of the canvas, but soon it was attacked by streamers from Twitch , such as hard play, bratishkin, etc. The attack can be seen at 0:33 second. Hard Play also took part from the KB. Soon the design bureau was repulsed, erased the inscriptions and began to restore its part. Like last year, people began to draw their cities, flags. Streamers again attacked and took the KB in the black rectangle logo. Later, they began to make a LGBT flag out of a rectangle. They erased it and wrote BB, which means so far.

And another streamer entered the battle, Hard Play. They redrawn everything into a red background and drew their logo, and the bottom is a portrait of Hard himself (2:10). KB again strayed and erased the logo. We returned our blue background and started writing cities and flags again. The portrait was removed, but soon they were attacked again because of the portrait. The portrait was painted back and the upper part was redrawn on a white background. There the inscription “Jove” was highlighted. This is also a streamer. She, too, was torn down and the portrait below was erased. Instead, streamers began to write their nicknames. The design bureau was set up in the very corner with flags and cities and decided not to attack, but rather to help others draw arts.

Later, the world reigned, and in the last place of the design bureau they wrote VK in the middle, and around streamers (4:20).

Bratishkin in the middle, KB to the right

There were also big differences between communities and streamers.

And now to smaller communities.

Surprisingly, there were many My little pony fans. Half of the canvas it was a pony, there are many but not large.

We also participated in this great battle. Our logo has changed its location many times. At first he was in a part of the Legion, they gave us a seat. Later we moved under brother, but he erased the lower part and other communities established there. At the end we settled to the left of the CB and drew a QR code leading to the public of SCP. everyone had their chats for coordination. Used Discord, vk and Telegram. In each conversation there was intelligence from other publics.



About the presence of bugs, we learned only after the event. Bagos published a post about how they ruined their canvas using bugs. Only two bugs were found.

  • Changed local time and could put dots without a timer.
  • It was possible to set dozens of points simultaneously using Java.

With the help of the second bug, they painted over part of the Vk testers. This can be seen below.

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