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The third Russian football player “can go to his friends Mamaev and Kokorin” in jail

Spartak’s midfielder, Denis Glushakov, could face criminal penalties for withdrawing 100 million rubles from the accounts, after arresting them.

Denis Glushakov

In September, a video of a player cheating on his wife appeared on the network. After that, Daria Glushakova filed for divorce, explaining the decision by her husband’s constant betrayal.

The decision of the Nikulinsky district court on all property and accounts of the family was arrested, until the end of the divorce proceedings. However, after the court’s decision, about 100 million rubles disappeared from Glushakov’s accounts through cash withdrawals and transfers to other accounts.

TASS quotes the words of Daria’s lawyer, Sergey Zhorin.

As part of the divorce proceedings at my request, the Nikulinsky court seized deposits, deposits and accounts, apartments and a Bentley Glushakov car. After the court made a decision on the imposition of an arrest on Glushakov’s accounts and after we handed over these documents to the bank, he brought up to another 100 million rubles. If this information is confirmed, then it is already a criminal offense for which the punishment involving imprisonment is provided for, and Glushakov can go to his friends Mamaev and Kokorin.

Thus, he derived a lump sum from funds that are jointly acquired property.

Sergey Zhorin
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