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Skibidi Challenge: many repeat the dance from the clip of Little Big – from schoolchildren to Ivan Urgant

The idea is to dance in unnecessary situations.

On October 5, the Russian group Little Big released a video for the song “SKIBIDI”, the characters of which constantly dance, even in the most everyday situations. The name of the song, if anything, does not make any sense.

Original clip

The musicians encouraged to participate to spread their own versions of the dance under the hashtag #skibidichallenge . And it really turned into a flash mob. Part of the videos, the lead singer of Little Big, Ilya Prusikin, lays out in his “stories” on Instagram.

They dance on the streets of Voronezh, on Red Square in Moscow and in the north of Seoul.

In schools and near universities.

In the baths, shopping centers and studios.

Joined brands, for example, “Dodo-pizza.” There are options from the group “Bread” and support the hockey club “Amur” from Khabarovsk.

And now it has come to “Evening Urgant.”

And after Ivan Urgant, other media began to connect, for example, radio stations.


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