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Kaspersky Lab denies rumors about hacking Chinese Apple servers

Earlier this month, there was news that Chinese intelligence services secretly mounted spy chips on Apple and other companies’ motherboards.

Kaspersky Labs decided not to sidestep the topic. The company is confident that this information should be treated with skepticism. In general, this information is unreliable.

There is no reason not to trust the Cupertinians, who deny any espionage activity on their equipment. Apple even noted that no one forbade her to distribute classified information, there was simply no hacking.

Kaspersky Lab is confident that Bloomberg journalists misunderstood the essence of the information they received. Installing spy chips in the motherboards of large companies is too expensive. It’s one thing to deliver, another is to take the motherboard to the final goal.

The story of Chinese hackers is still shrouded in mystery, although many state-owned companies deny the possibility of this kind of hacking. MacRumors ]

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