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British Parliament invited the robot to speak at the meeting. He will speak harvested phrases

The Pepper Robot was the first non-human to receive such an opportunity.

Pepper Assistant Robot Getty Photos

The Education Committee of the British Parliament invited the Pepper Robot Assistant to answer questions about the impact of artificial intelligence on the labor market. However, in reality, the robot will not be able to lead the discussion itself and will respond with the prepared phrase patterns.

Pepper is part of an international research project to develop the first culturally-educated robots designed to care for the elderly. The committee will hear about the work of researchers and the role of automation and robot building in the future labor market.

from the press of the British Parliament

As some researchers have noted , the Pepper robot will not actually be able to give any evidence. He can provide information in the same way as other voice assistants, but he is not able to formulate thoughts.

However, in the parliament they know it. A spokesperson for the committee confirmed to The Verge that Pepper will speak with prepared responses. They will write researchers from Middlesex University, who also speak to parliament. So officials want to learn more about robots.

It is clear as day that Pepper’s answers will not be spontaneous. But the emergence of a robot in front of a committee will allow its members to simultaneously learn the potential possibilities and limitations of the technology, as well as the abilities of the robots.

committee representative in conversation The Verge
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