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Belarusians are preparing an interactive project Forest Space about Belovezhskaya Pushcha

The Belarusians began the development of the interactive project Forest Space (“Forest Space”), which is intended to tell, as its authors say, about the mythology of the oldest forest in Europe. A visual map with a circular video will be used for this, as well as audio materials describing the creatures living here.

According to the developers, Forest Space began in the cultural center KORPUS with an idea to draw attention to the reserve. The web platform is designed in such a way that allows not only to dive into Belovezhskaya Pushcha geographically, but also to become an explorer of the world of mythical creatures, to learn the story from an unusual side.

The project has content in resolutions up to 5K, myths in the form of voiced animations, statistics and archival photos of the forest with reference to locations.

The Forest Space web platform will be presented  in the Ў Gallery on October 18 at 18:00 in conjunction with other MATCH alumni projects.

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