The head of NASA said about confidence in the Soyuz missiles, despite the accident

But he noted that it was necessary to consider alternative ways of sending people into space.

The head of NASA and the head of Roscosmos. Reuters Photos
NASA head Jim Brydenstein (Jim Bridenstine) said at a press conference in Moscow that the US space agency will continue to use Russian Soyuz rockets. This is the first statement of the agency after the accident that occurred during the launch of a manned spacecraft on the ISS.

Brydenstein, who oversaw the disaster from Baikonur, declared “confidence” in continuing the US-Russian cooperation for launching people into space. The next launch of the crew on the ISS is scheduled for December 20, 2018.

I am fully confident that we will fly again on the Soyuz rocket. I have no reason not to believe that everything will go according to schedule.

Together we can do more in space than we do one by one.

Jim Brydenstein

NASA head

Brydenstein added that what happened with the Soyuz also shows that the space industry needs alternative routes for launches to the ISS. According to him, he discussed this issue with Vice President Mike Pence, but not with Donald Trump.

On October 11, a Soyuz crash occurred: both cosmonauts escaped and made an emergency landing in Kazakhstan. According to the preliminary version, the incident happened when the side accelerators of the rocket were separated from the central unit of the second stage.

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