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Scientists: China can control Bitcoin and even destroy it

Scientists from Princeton and Florida International Universities believe that China has sufficient resources to control the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. In addition, resources are sufficient to organize attacks that allegedly lead to the destruction of the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In addition to opportunities, China found motives for such actions. Moreover, the pressure on Bitcoin is already “innumerable ways.”

Bitcoin gained enough weight in the modern world, so it made sense to attack him, the researchers said. They chose China, since it is this country that is the most powerful opponent of cryptocurrency.

It is noted that bitcoin mining has long been centralized, 80% of the coins of this cryptocurrency are mined by the six largest pools, five of them are managed by companies or individuals from China. The mite makes the “Great Chinese firewall”, which is used as a tool for influencing the efficiency of mining outside the country.

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