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Photoshoots: Kanye West shows Trump the concept of the plane that Apple should do

As an example, the rapper opened a picture found on the Internet on an iPhone. On Reddit, they replaced Putin and Kim Kardashian instead.

CNBC Photos
CNBC Photos

On October 11, Donald Trump held a meeting with Kanye West, a longtime supporter of the US president, in the Oval Office. During the conversation, the rapper offered Trump the concept of the new presidential “number one flight” called iPlane 1. As planned by West, the plane should be built by Apple, although the company had never announced such plans.

The musician took out an iPhone X and showed him a photo of Trump with the appearance of a new aircraft. The publication of The Verge has found that the concept is not the original idea of ​​Kanye or the developments of Apple. He took a picture of the Shabtai Hirshberg master project for industrial design (Shabtai Hirshberg): in 2012 he represented the future of air transport.

Hirschberg received a degree in the College of Creative Studies (CCS) of Detroit. Kanye West came there at the beginning of October: during the excursion he jumped on the table and started asking students to leave everyone behind Ilon Mask. The designer suggested that the rapper just found a picture on the Internet.

The fact that West showed Trump my work is a surprise for me. I would even say that a good surprise: it is always nice to see that your projects are well thought out.

Shabtai Hirschberg


Reddit users staged a photoshop battle based on a snapshot where West shows Trump the draft of the aircraft on the phone. One of the most popular options – the rapper reminds the American president of Putin.

Or showing off a merged home video with his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Commentators presented that the US president and the rapper decided to play cards.

Also on Reddit, they did not forget about another moment from the meeting: West unlocked the smartphone on the camera with the unreliable password 000000.

On other photojobs, West offers Trump chicken from KFC, shows the Constitution and explains the memes about the moth and the lamp . Or come in costume from a recent performance with the song “I love it.”

“What is it? / It is a moth / And what does he do? / A lamp beckons him / Never seen moths pulled by a lamp / Well moths like light / But not those moths I saw / God, forget it”
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