Oppo Introduces Competitor GPU Turbo – Hyper Boost Technology

“Gaming” smartphones have become a new trend among manufacturers of mobile phones – well, this way to promote phones is no worse than others. Thus, the brand Oppo presented its technology that allows to achieve improved performance in games – Hyper Boost. Presumably, it is an analogue of GPU Turbo for Huawei and Honor smartphones.

As told in the Oppo, thanks to Hyper Boost is a rapid switching frequency (if required by the game) and the adjustment of mobile “iron” for the game – about 100 times faster. The question arises: faster than that? While this question is difficult to answer, you can only assume that we are talking about the mobile phone without Hyper Boost support. So again the question is not in advanced components, and software solutions.

Optimization of, among other things, is to “accelerate the polymorphic technology networks” and “intelligent distribution of traffic between data channels – cellular and Wi-Fi».

In a press release Oppo lists some games that already support the new technology – they are 11, and PUBG expected of them. In addition to games, Hyper Boost works with some applications.

The first technology-enabled smartphones will be the Oppo R17 and R17 Pro.

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