Like the new iPhone, but 5 times cheaper? Overview of the Honor 8X smartphone

The sub-brand of Huawei decided to act aggressively and began to bring interesting models to the Belarusian market. The Honor 8X smartphone was announced yesterday in Moscow for the “espenge” market – the device has been sold in China for a month already, but it will reach us only in November. At first glance, the device is remarkable for everything – design, price, a huge frameless display. But is everything really that good? What do competitors think about the new product? We understand in order.


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Not banal

A smartphone is a black rectangular thing. Something like this can be said about the absolute majority of modern models. Alas, the phones have ceased to be unique and turned into faceless bricks.

It is gratifying that some companies are still trying to come up with at least something that distinguishes their products from competitors’ developments. Color other than black? Already good. “Visual special effects”? Better. Played with semitones and geometry? Wonderful.

Everyone to whom we showed Honor 8X in red color, at least, noted the unusual design. Shades shimmering at different angles have already been encountered in Honor and Huawei models and still look fresh. The gaze clings to the rectangle, as if separated from the rest of the lid. It housed a couple of cameras, flash and horizontally inscribed inscriptions.

This is not a super-duper-designer achievement, but against the background of smartphone dullness, such a design is perceived as a clear sunny day amid a cloudy slushy autumn. The same applies to the instance in blue. There is also a black Honor 8X, and that’s how its design is the most standard. When there is an opportunity to compare, I want brightness, fifty shades of dark are fed up.

The second pleasant impression leaves the front panel. With the screen off, the phone is like a telephone. But one has only to activate the device, as the endlessness of the display catches your eye. The design is similar to the “iPhone”, with the frames of the minimum thickness not only on the sides, but also on the bottom and on the top. Cut-out, of course, a front-facing camera is also present, but not as wide as in the case of the same the iPhone the X . It was to be expected that the flagship trends someday will get to inexpensive smartphones. It’s amazing what happened so quickly.

But with the sides and ends, everything is standard: on the right there are buttons for turning on and adjusting the volume, on the left – a slot for a memory card and two SIM cards, on top – a microphone, below – an audio jack, another microphone, a speaker and a port for charging. And here lies the first major drawback of the Honor 8X: using the out-of-date micoUSB port instead of Type-C looks like a diversion. Yes, the model is positioned as an inexpensive smartphone, but it’s hard for us to believe that the manufacturer managed to save more than one cent at the connector (and that’s not a fact).

In the manufacture of the case there was no large-scale use of plastic. The frame of the Honor 8X is metal, and the cover is glass. Richly And this is a plus. But there is also a minus – the device is very slippery. Once I put it on the sofa, and after five minutes I heard the sound of falling – then the test sample fell to the floor. Well, that did without damage. If the surface has an inclination of at least a fraction of a degree, then sooner or later this smartphone will slip from it.

Compact device can not be called, but in general it is easy to get used to the dimensions. This is not nearly 7-inch Xiaomi Mi Max 3 , which is more like a tablet. In Honor 8X, the phone is still guessed. In size it can be compared with the iPhone Xs Max – in the hand it feels about the same.

Honor has a modern smart phone with a cool design. It looks 8X more expensive than it actually is, in circulation it is comfortable just as much as a current phone with an elongated 6.5-inch screen can be convenient. About him now and talk.

Honor 8x,Honor 10,IPhonex Honor 8x,IPhonex


New deals with IPS-matrix. The aspect ratio is fashionable now 18: 9, the resolution is standard 1080 × 2340 pixels. The screen occupies almost the entire front panel: according to the manufacturer, about 91%.

There is no air gap between the matrix and the glass, the image is clear and, as they used to say, like on the surface of the glass. For some reason, glued film. We immediately removed it and as if the eyes were washed. Oleophobic coating is, the backlight is bright, but, of course, the screen does not reach the brightness of OLED displays of the new iPhone.

The default color temperature seemed a little warmer than we would like. However, you can independently delve into the settings and set the shades to your taste.

The display is one of the main advantages of the Honor 8X. The screen is big and nice, they want to use.

Unlock, sound, decorations

The smartphone runs on Android 8.1 with a proprietary shell EMUI. Its capabilities are almost the same as what we have already considered in the case of Honor 10 and Honor 7C . At the same time, the new product is more likely closer to Honor 10. It’s a shame only that the choice of wallpaper from the Honor 8X is much more modest.

Supported unlock using face. It works identical to the flagship model Honor – without pressing the power button, lift the smartphone, look at it, and the device is activated. During the day this thing works instantly and unmistakably. In complete darkness, the device has to be held up to the face longer, sometimes it is easier to use the fingerprint sensor (since it works very quickly and clearly).

The speaker at the Honor 8X is monaural and very loud. At the highest volume level, it is better not to leave it – a not very pleasant sonorous “echo” appears. The headphones are fine. Nemelomany will be pleased, except for a little more low frequencies to add. However, you can try to improve the situation by picking on the equalizer.

Photo as photo

The smartphone is equipped with a dual camera with a main 20-megapixel photo module and auxiliary 2-megapixel. The second helps to blur the background during portrait shooting.

Declared support for artificial intelligence. In Honor they talk about 500 recognizable scenes to which the AI ​​applies the “best settings”. In fact, it all comes down to twisting saturation. Such photos are more pleasant for the eyes, but have little in common with reality. If desired, after you take a picture, you can see how it looks with and without processing.

At the same time with us, Honor 8X was testing  Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro  in the same price category. Made a few comparative shots. That’s what happened.

The smartphone from Xiaomi is often mistaken with the white balance, but copes better with the suppression of noise. New from Honor better processes the dark areas, pulling out the details that Redmi Note 6 Pro loses.

Honor 8X is not a camera phone, but it will also be a shame to take photos with it. We liked how the device handles the details of objects in shaded areas, but we can still work on the noise reduction system. There would be more optical stabilization here, but, alas, it is too early to talk about it in relation to models of budget and average price ranges.

Play all

The heart of the smartphone is a relatively new chip from Huawei – Kirin 710. Graphics Mali-G51, eight cores (four Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53), the frequency from 1.7 to 2.2 GHz. In general, everything is standard for a mid-level processor.

Unfortunately, our Honor 8X engineering model flatly refused to install benchmarks like AnTuTu. Well, it does not matter, because the phone has been sold in China for a month already, which means that our Asian friends have obviously run all sorts of tests. Judging by him, the Kirin 710 is a direct competitor to Snapdragon 636, also a mid-level processor. The brainchild of Huawei is a bit faster in computing, and Qualcomm products look slightly better in graphics. In general, parity.

In daily operation, the Kirin 710 did not show any weaknesses. Games like Real Racing 3 or Mortal Kombat X fly, the heat is weak, we didn’t wait for throttling, the interface responds instantly, applications run smoothly and quickly.

The tested version of Honor 8X was equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. Also, there are modifications with 6 and 128 GB, respectively, but such ones will not be sold here.

The battery capacity of 3750 mAh is enough for two days of battery life. This is with all the included wireless modules, one to one and a half hours of games, the same duration of web surfing and 20 minutes of conversations.


The uniqueness of the situation is that in fact there are no competitors for Honor 8X. That’s right the same smartphone with similar or most similar characteristics this year has not yet been released. Only if you make a few assumptions, then you can find a couple of vehicles that, in theory, could compete with Honor 8X for the title of “national”.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. This Xiaomi phone is not far behind the new Honor in performance, autonomy and photo capabilities, while the version with 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB drive is in the same price category. However, the display of Redmi Note 6 Pro is smaller (although the dimensions of the two devices are almost the same), the slot is hybrid, and there is nothing to say about the design – with a bright Honor 8X it is difficult to compete in higher price segments. The benefits of the smartphone Xiaomi can be attributed perhaps to a more recent version of Bluetooth and a dual front-facing camera.

Vivo v9. This phone looks more interesting than the Redmi Note 6 Pro, and the frame is thinner. However, a more modest processor and autonomy in the area of ​​only one day are unlikely to be able to help this model in the fight against Honor 8X.

Huawei Mate 20 Lite. Perhaps the most formidable competitor for Honor 8X. Both smartphones are literally twin brothers right up to the hardware and battery capacity. But there are differences. The Mate 20 Lite has a smaller display and a slightly higher price, but there is a USB Type-C and fast charging. 8X, respectively, is slightly cheaper with a larger screen, but with an outdated port and normal charging.


Honor turned out to be an interesting device, which, firstly, covers the needs of most users, and secondly, it does so for little money. What else does? That’s right, fast charging and USB Type-C.


It seems that in the Belarusian branch of Honor, they are still guided by a higher price than expected . Probably, until Honor 8X gets to us, it will cost at least 1,389.54Pakistani Rupee. And for this money he has a serious rival in the face of his older brother – Huawei Mate 20 Lite. We added it to the list of competitors of the novelty, and also in connection with this we reduced the final grade from 9 to 8.7.


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