In the first trailer “Aladdin” Guy Ritchie showed a deep cave

Disney presented the first trailer for the film “Aladdin”, directed by Guy Ritchie. The movie is stingy with events and details about a future fairytale, but behind the scenes a well-known melody sounds, causing nostalgia. Those who looked at the trailer will see a cave full of countless treasures, a lamp with a genie inside (supposedly) and will be waiting for the next movie.

The new picture will be a game remake for the 1992 cartoon. Several composers who worked on the original “Aladdin” will take part in writing music for the Guy Ritchie film.

What can be no doubt, it is in the abundance of computer graphics – they will create all the “fabulousness” at the expense of it.

The premiere of “Aladdin” is scheduled for May 2019.

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