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In liquids for vapov found drugs to improve potency

American regulators issued a warning to a company that produces liquids for electronic steam generators. It turned out that the components of a pair of items are popular drugs that increase potency. Such drugs are available by prescription, therefore it is not possible to include them in the composition of freely available liquids for vapes.

On the website of the company, which is engaged in the release of “slurry”, compositions with the content of drugs are offered to those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle. It also caused claims from the US department.

Earlier this year, we recall, physicians drew attention to a number of companies that were engaged in the active promotion of “useful” wipes, a pair of which allegedly contain vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E and antioxidants. “No more than an advertising move,” experts said.

By the way, another study conducted at the University of Athens showed that the use of electronic steam generators can lead to lung diseases. “We came to the conclusion that both ordinary cigarettes and electronic steam generators adversely affect the state of the lungs,” the scientists said.

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