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Critics are delighted with the new Call of Duty, gamers – the opposite opinion

Today, the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, took place. One may say that this shooter is “nobody needs”, but annual sales prove the opposite. And now the first assessments of the next franchise series began to appear on the net, but the opinions of critics and users are noticeably different.

The PlayStation 4 audience behaves most actively: there are already a lot of critical reviews, and gamers have already managed to check in. “A wonderful surprise”, “the best game in the royal battle genre” ”,“ gives exactly what is expected from the series ”,“ even without a single-player campaign, the game remains a strong shooter, from which adrenaline boils ”and so on. This is how the press speaks about: Metacritic has completely positive reviews so far, the average score is 87 out of 100.

But gamers saw something else in Black Ops 4. True, the owners of PS4 are more restrained in comparison with owners of other platforms and rate the game at 6.3 points. “I’ll cut a bit because there is no single player,” “thanks for the return to the traditional mechanics,” “The Blackout mode is incredibly cool.” This is from the positive.

Negative reviews for all platforms are about the same, the Xbox One version buyers rage more than the rest – the shooter got 3.5 points out of 10 from them, and the pecants gave 5.4 points.

“Why the hell did they remove the campaign?”, “Play better in Fortnite”, “boring”, “are you crazy about asking for 60 bucks for this game?” – the claims are about the same.

It is worth noting that the first days and weeks after the release are the hottest. In this period of time, the armies of “haters” and “adherents” collide with all forces trying to change the assessment in their favor. It is better to wait a bit if you are guided by someone else’s opinion.


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