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Command & Conquer can return to computers

Producer EA made quite a serious hint at the return of the legendary Command & Conquer series to computers. In what form – while it is premature to speak: most likely it will be remasters, but it is possible the emergence of something more fresh than reworking existing games of the series.

About this Jim Vessella said, talking about the launch of mobile Command & Conquer: Rivals. “After the release of Rivals, we heard you: the community wants to see the return of the franchise on the PC, ” wrote the producer.

Such a step is easy to understand, since the audience took the announcement of mobile Rivals, to put it mildly, without enthusiasm: the YouTube trailer collected 2.7 thousand likes and 59 thousand dislikes. She is still in alpha testing.

The release of new or updated Command & Conquer should not be expected soon: the release, if it takes place, will be timed to the 25th anniversary of the franchise, and this will happen in two years.


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