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A minute of silence was announced at the match for the ruined talents of Kokorin and Mamayev

On October 11, at the match of the VTB student league between Moscow State University and KUBSTU, the host announced an unusual minute of silence during the warm-up.

We cite the words of the leader: “We announce a minute of silence on the ruined talents of Mamayev and Kokorin, as well as those guys who at various times made irreparable stupid mistakes, thereby losing themselves in sports.

We hope that this example will demonstrate to young children that you will be punished for any illegal offense – whether you are an ordinary person or a popular athlete.

A minute of silence to think and not repeat like that. “

Note that a minute of silence was not held in a standard format, at this time the basketball players were warming up.

On October 8, football players became instigators of two fights in the center of Moscow. In the first case, the driver of the leading First Channel Olga Ushakova suffered from their hands. A man was beaten in the parking lot at the Beijing Hotel. On the same day, the footballers attacked Denis Pak, Director of the Automotive and Railway Engineering Department of the Minpromtorg, and Sergey Gaysin, head of the NAMI State Scientific Center. This happened at a coffee shop on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street.

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