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Warren, Bloomberg, Sanders: the start of a new US presidential campaign

Democrats are preparing to give the battle to Trump in 2020.

Donald Trump’s first presidential term approached his equator — the next election is scheduled to take place in 2020. According to the American political tradition, in the spring of 2019, candidates for the post of head of state will announce their intentions to compete with the billionaire.

There is no doubt that the current president will run for a second term from the Republican Party – in the winter of 2017, Trump sent a statement to the Federal Election Commission about his intention to participate in the elections. It is even known that the party congress on the nomination of a candidate will be heldAugust 24-27, 2020 in the city of Charlotte (North Carolina).

In the camp of the Democrats there is no such confident unity. Although it is known that the party congress will take place on July 13-16, 2020, the place for its holding has not yet been determined and, more importantly, it is not clear who could lead supporters to the elections.talks about several likely and incredible US presidential candidates in the 2020 election, and what Trump thinks about them.


Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren is currently one of the most popular politicians in the Democratic Party. She actively supported Hillary Clinton in the last election and leads a stormy campaign in the mid-term elections in 2018. Warren consistently criticizes Trump, calling him “the least popular president in modern history.”

“Urgent news: the most unpopular president in modern history cannot invent anything new, but only repeats his racist attacks. America is ready to change course in 4 weeks. Tick ​​and Donald Trump! ”

Warren yet publicly announced his presidential ambitions, but various commentators have repeatedly expressed the assumption that it could compete with Trump.

What does Trump think about it ? The President himself called Warren the most likely opponent in the election, with has expressed confidence that it will not make him a serious threat. For Republican Senator invented insulting nickname “Pocahontas” and several times had called her on the air.


Mike bloomberg

The former mayor of New York and media mogul Michael Bloomberg in the 2016 elections supported Hillary Clinton, but his loyalty to the Democratic Party is not so unconditional. In the mayoral elections of 2001, he joined the Republican Party, and in 2007 he came out of it. In October 2018, the founder of Bloomberg re- registered as a Democrat.

This, as well as his active participation in the 2017 midterm elections, prompted the media to assume that Bloomberg may have presidential ambitions. It is known that in 2008, 2012 and 2016, when he was predicted to participate in the electoral race, the ex-mayor did not dare to conduct his campaign.

What does Trump think about it? Bloomberg and Trump repeatedly criticized each other. The incumbent said Democrats bribed media mogul with a promise of a prestigious position. The Republican also noted that the ex-mayor does not know him well, because they “only played golf once” and Trump turned out to be better.


Bernie sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, though he lost to Hillary Clinton in the fight for the nomination from the Democratic Party in 2016, continued to actively participate in American politics. In August 2018, he won the primaries in the mid-term elections in his state.

On the question of whether he is going to again fight for the presidency, Sanders has so far given only evasive answers. In July 2017, the senator noted that it was too early to talk about the elections, but did not rule out his participation in them. At the Stephen Colbert show in 2018, the politician said that he was not ready to give up attempts to run for the highest post.

What does Trump think about it? The senator regularly criticizes the president – once he even called him an “idiot”. Trump did not remain in debt, having repeatedly used in the speeches of Sanders’ offensive nickname: “crazy Bernie.”

“I don’t want to attack Crazy Bernie Sanders too fiercely now because I like to watch what he does with Rogue Hillary. His time will come! ”


Joseph biden

The former US Vice President has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to consider the question of his participation in the 2020 elections. He actively expressed support for Democratic candidates in the midterm elections. According to a series of polls, Biden was the leader among possible candidates for the democratic primaries, but so far he has refused to consider himself a participant in the race.

Against his possible nomination is the fact that Biden was already nominated as a candidate in 1984, 1988 and 2008. All of these party primaries he lost.

What does Trump think about it? The current president said he was “dreaming of Biden,” because he is a candidate who never gained more than 1% of the vote

“I dream, I dream of Biden, this is a dream. Just note: Joe Biden ran for three times, but he never gained more than 1% support. President Obama took him literally from the garbage heap and gave him the post, and then it shocked everyone. ”


John Kerry

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry briefly intrigued his supporters, saying on CBS News that he did not rule out his participation in the 2020 presidential election. A week later, he said that he “strongly doubts” about this and offered to focus on the midterm elections to the 2018 Congress. To speak about 2020, according to him, is “a waste of time”.

Kerry already has the relevant experience, though it’s not a good one – in 2004 he received a nomination from the Democratic Party, but lost the election to George W. Bush.

What does Trump think about it? Commenting on the possible competition with Kerry, the president said that he was taking him to his rivals.

“John Kerry, the father of the now-concluded agreement with Iran, is thinking of running for president. It seems I was just lucky, because the competitors that are being selected are really good – for me! ”


Oprah Winfrey

Talk about possible presidential ambitions for Winfrey began after her speech at the Golden Globe 2018 award ceremony, and the hashtag # Opra2020 hit the top of the day . In Los Angeles, on January 12, a billboard was hung with the inscription “Oprah For President”.

The results of the survey, which in January 2018 presented the National Public Radio of the United States showed that the TV presenter would lead in a possible race with Trump. The likely nomination ended without a start – Winfrey said she did not intend to participate in the elections.

What does Trump think about it? The incumbent commented on Winfrey’s likely participation in the election, saying that it “would be fun.” Trump said he was confident in his victory over the TV presenter and was ready to compete with her. At the same time, the head of state said that he knew Opru too well and doubted that she would take such a step.


James dimon

JP Morgan Chase Chairman and CEO James Dimon in September 2018 spoke in favor of winning Trump in the election. Daimon, however, made a reservation that he could not get the support of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, and without this participation in the presidential race is impossible.

What does Trump think about it? The president called Daimon close and neurotic, not forgetting to praise himself a little.

“The problem with the fact that banker Jamie Dimon decided to participate in the presidential election is that he has no abilities, he is not a“ smart man ”, a poor speaker and a neurotic — he is a wonderful person for everything else. Thanks to my remarkable economic policy, many bankers, and not only, began to look smarter than they really are! ”

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

The former first lady is perceived as a candidate in spite of her numerous statements that she will not run for president. Back in April 2017, she said she did not want to go into politics. Barack Obama supported her in this decision.

Obama remained true to his convictions a year later.

The fact that I successfully speak to audiences does not make me a candidate for the presidency.

Michelle Obama

However, her public campaign in support of Democratic candidates in the mid-term elections in 2018 When We All Vote (“When we all vote”) again gave food for speculation.

What does Trump think about it? Unknown. The President did not comment on the possible participation of Michelle Obama in the presidential race.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Officially, Clinton, who lost the election to Trump in 2016, did not say anything about her possible re-nomination. Several circumstances speak in favor of the emergence of such a scenario. Ex-Secretary of State increased her activity in the political arena after the defeat, delivering speeches and supporting Democratic candidates.

Bill and Hillary Clintons went on tour in 13 cities, which should last until May 2019. In addition, Clinton speaks on foreign policy issues: she compared the“Russian interference” in the American elections with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

What does Trump think about it? In response to recent Clinton statements, the president accused her of colluding with the Kremlin.

Chelsea clinton

Chelsea clinton

The Clinton’s daughter in 2017 declared that “definitely not the person who could defeat Trump in 2020.” However, in 2018, Fox News reported that Chelsea had changed her mind and called herself “definitely one of the possible candidates.”

Officially, the youngest of the Clintons did not confirm nor deny the information about his possible nomination.

What does Trump think about it? Unknown. The President did not comment on the publication about Chelsea Clinton.

Other candidates

To date, 29 people have spoken on the subject that could take part in the presidential elections of the Democratic Party of the United States. Apart from the already mentioned names such statements to the press made: the senator from the State of California Kamala Harris , the Congress of Deputies and the National Guard, Major Tulsi Gabbard , the founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, boxer Oscar de la Hoya , former US Attorney General Eric Holder and rapper Kanye West .

What does Trump think about it? President during the election campaign for Congress in 2018 criticized his opponents from the Democratic Party, accusingthem of trying to build socialism in the United States.

The truth is that the centrist Democratic Party no longer exists. New Democrats – radical socialists who want to rebuild the US economy on the model of Venezuela. If the Democrats gain control of Congress in November, we in America find ourselves dangerously close from socialism.

Donald trump
President of the U.S.A

Presidential elections in the United States will be held November 3, 2020.

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