Scientists wondered how to call the moon rotating around the moon. On Twitter, they wanted to help, but switched to memes

So how do we call: “moons of moons”, “sub-moons” or “sablunas”?

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On October 10, the New Scientist science journal talked about a study by Juna Kollmeier from the observatory at Carnegie Institution in Washington and from Sean Raymond from the University of Bordeaux in France. They believe that the moon – the satellites of the planets – may have their own moons that revolve around them. There is no official name for such objects yet, so Twitter users took it up .

According to the work of Kollmayer and Raymond, the moons can have their own moons, provided that they reach a large size and are sufficiently distant from the planet in whose orbit they move. They differ from quasi-satellite and Trojan satellites because they rotate around the moons, not around the planets. Scientists have modeled the conditions for the existence of the lunar moons, including in the conditions of the solar system. For example, the moons of the moons could exist in the past with two moons of Saturn and one satellite, Jupiter.

However, Kollmayer and Raymond did not figure out what to call such objects. New Scientist in his article allowed that they could be called “moonmoon” (moonfish). Twitter users especially liked this option.

“Can Lunaluns also have moonulununs?”

“Good night moon moon”

“Sailor Lunaluny”

“I don’t want to live on the moon’s moon” ( referring to this song )

“Dude, we heard you love the moon. So we added the moon around your moon and called it the moon of the moon ”

“Did you know that when the moon has a moon, it is called Lunaluna? I giggle

Also, Twitter users remembered the meme “MoonMoon” – this is the name of the stupidest and most awkward wolf in the pack. The name was born thanks to the wolf name generator based on the first letters in the name. One of the users wrote that his initials – “PW” – are the words “Moon” and “Moon”, which means the wolf will call MoonMoon.

“Did someone say MoonMoon?”

“Someone said …”

“This is acceptable only if we remember the memes about MoonMoon again.”

“I googled MoonMoon and got memes”

If you go back from memes to science, then the Atlas Obscura edition offered several options for the names of the moon satellites: the sundecks, the lunoch, minilunas, the sabloons, the square moon, the double moon. The author recalled that there are similar objects on Earth too: for example, on Victoria Island is an island in the middle of a lake located in the middle of a volcano that is located in the middle of a larger lake that occupies an area in the middle of a larger island.

However, the existence of moons by moons has not yet been scientifically proven, so they will definitely come up with the name later. As Quartz explained , the authors suggest the existence of such objects in the hope of more thoroughly understanding the origin of the planets and satellites.

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