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Microsoft has opened 60,000 of its patents to protect Linux from lawsuits

Microsoft joined the Open Invention Network (OIN) initiative and transferred 60 thousand patents to OIN. They will be available to all participants in the initiative, one of whose goals is to protect Linux from lawsuits. For some, such actions of the software giant came as a surprise, as Microsoft zealously protects its rights and demands to pay for the use of proprietary technologies.

Many consider Microsoft’s move beneficial to all parties: Linux gets additional protection, and Microsoft increases its rating in the public eye.

The structure of the OIN includes about 2.5 thousand companies. According toOpenNet, among the main participants of OIN, which ensure the formation of the Linux patent protection pool, are companies such as Google, IBM, NEC, Toyota, SUSE, Philips, Red Hat, HP, Juniper, Facebook, Cisco, Fujitsu and Sony.

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