Kanye West accidentally showed the password on the iPhone – it’s six zeros. Don’t be like Kanye

One of the most media artists is not particularly concerned about privacy.

On October 11, Kanye West met in the Oval Office with Donald Trump, whom he had long supported. The musician came in a red cap, “Let’s make America great again,” and said that it “feels like Superman.”

West discussed trump prison reform and crime-reduction measures with Trump. The rapper even got up from the chair and with the words “I love this guy” hugged the president.

The meeting was broadcast live. During the speech, Kanye offered Trump to abandon the presidential plane Air Force One, replacing it with a iPlane 1. As planned by the musician, the board should build Apple. The company (which, if anything, does not produce airplanes) did not respond to a request from Business Insider.

To show Trump the concept, West pulled out an iPhone X and unlocked it. It got on numerous cameras – and it turned out that the musician had a very simple six-zero passcode or “000000”.

The journalists photographed the concept that West showed to Trump. In fact, this is a project of an industrial designer from 2012.

And Kanye, apparently, will have to change the password, because he is now known publicly. Edition of The Verge has paid attention that Kanye did not use the more reliable technology Face ID – whether it did not work, or was just turned off.

Apple does not recommend using simple code passwords on iOS devices, such as “000000” or “123456”. If you choose this option, a notification will appear on the screen stating that it is worthwhile to come up with something more complicated. Similar guidelines apply to passwords for Apple ID.

Attempt to put on the iphone the passcode “000000”
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