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In the UK, from November 1, doctors will be allowed to write prescriptions for drugs with the cannabinoid major

Thousands of patients will soon be able to get prescription drug cannabis, after the Interior Ministry announced that it would reclassify the drug.

Cannabis is currently on a special “list No. 1”, which means that it cannot be in free circulation or prescribed by doctors, even if it may have therapeutic properties.

Recent cases involving sick children have made me understand that our position on cannabis, as a drug, is not satisfactory. This solution will help patients with exceptional clinical need, but in no way is the first step to legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

Sajid Javid
UK Home Secretary

The problem has been gaining momentum in recent months, following a loud epileptic epileptic boy, Billy Caldwell , whose mother, Charlotte, has been campaigning to gain access to cannabis oil, which, she says, is holding back his seizures. She bought medicine in Canada, as she was not allowed to purchase it in the UK, but her purchase was withdrawn from her when she returned to Heathrow on 11 June. Subsequently, Billy was taken to Westminster Hospital in critical condition, suffering multiple convulsions. Javid then granted a 20-day emergency license to use oil.

Charlotte and her son.

Hanna Deacon, the mother of six-year-old Alfie Dingli, suffering from epilepsy, said that cannabis oil has changed the life of her son . Deacon spent £ 30,000 on a “miracle” tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) treatment of her son, who also has other difficulties in learning and speaking, importing the drug by special permission from the Netherlands to the UK. As a result, she said, the number of convulsions decreased from 300 or more per month, which often required an urgent arrival at the hospital, to several times a month.

The ACMD (Drug Abuse Advisory Council) will conduct a long-term analysis of cannabis together with the National Institute of Health and Medicine , which has been instructed to provide advice to doctors by October of next year.

The government will closely monitor the impact of this policy as the evidence base is developed and revised as ACMD provides final recommendations.

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