Chronicle of the accident “Union”. Crew evacuated, manned launches suspended

Both cosmonauts were saved, and the first version is the poor attachment of one of the blocks of the second stage.

“Union” after the launch. Reuters Photos

Preparation for the flight did not reveal any problems

Before flying from Baikonur, the specialists of Energia Corporation, as well as the main and backup crews, checked the Soyuz-FG several times. The astronauts took places in the ship, tested the systems and specified the location of the cargo. By October 8, the technical management finally concluded that the complex was ready for launch . In addition, according to tradition, the ship was consecrated – Father Sergius did it.

Roskosmos cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Haig got on board. The third place was taken by the container with cargo. During the expeditions to the International Space Station, the crew planned to conduct several experiments (for example, on 3D printing of mouse tissues), serve the onboard systems and go into outer space.

The accident occurred at the 119th second of the flight, the broadcast was immediately interrupted

Soyuz-FG started from Baikonur at 11:40 Moscow time. The accident occurred already on the 119th second of the flight. “Roscosmos” conducted a live broadcast of the launch, but at the time of the incident, the announcer saidabout the “carrier crash” and the broadcast was interrupted.

The launch was watched by Roscosmos President Dmitry Rogozin and NASA head Jim Brydenstein. The start was timed to the 100th anniversary of the founding of RSC Energia.

“Roskosmos” deleted tweets about the successful launch and did not report for a long time about what happened

In the first moments after the incident, information from Roskosmos mainly appeared through the media, while its official accounts were practically not updated . The ministry wrote and after about 30 minutes deleted tweets about the successful launch of the ship into orbit. For comparison: on the website and in social networks NASA constantly published new data about what happened.

Foreign journalists also noticed that Roscosmos has removed tweets with a report on successes

There is no exact reason yet, preliminary is bad fixing of one of the blocks.

Official information about the causes of the incident yet. According to the Interfax source at Baikonur, the accident occurred when the side accelerators of the rocket were separated from the central unit of the second stage. “Then the emergency beacon worked, the ship divided into compartments and launched a parachute,” said the source. According to this version, the blocks of the second stage were not well secured.

Many media outlets noted that the last accident during the launch of the Soyuz occurred on April 5, 1975. However, the last time the emergency rescue system was used in 1983 during the launch of the Soyuz T-10-1. Then, even before the launch of the rocket, a fire began, and the ship with the astronauts was thrown aside a second before the explosion.

The crew was evacuated to Moscow, but they did not find any health problems

Even at the time of the incident, Haig and Ovchinin experienced an overload of 6g. For comparison: at the start, the astronauts experience an overload of 1-7g, the maximum values ​​at training are 10–12g. According to experts polled by RBC, the overload during an emergency landing was within acceptable limits. “The astronauts were hurled, chatted. But they are in space suits. This time, the flight altitude was not very big, ”said the tester of space technology, Andrei Yemelyanov.

The crew members successfully landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan: 20-25 kilometers from the city of Zhezkazgan . After the astronaut and the astronaut were evacuated from the rescue capsule, they were taken by helicopter. “The doctors examined them, there are no health problems. They drink tea and joke, “- told in” Roscosmos “.

The media has information about the occurrence of health problems among the crew members. Oleg Orlov, director of the Institute for Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told TASS that the cosmonaut and astronaut are feeling good: “Their condition does not require special hospitalization and separate observation.”

The first video with astronauts after landing

Russia suspended manned launches and launched an investigation

According to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, all manned launches in Russia were suspended until the situation with the accident at the Soyuz MS-10 was analyzed. This is done to “ensure safety.” He promised that Russia would not hide from the United States the causes of the ship’s accident and share information with NASA.

To find out the cause of the accident, Rogozin created a separate commission. Experts will check the Progress Rocket and Space Center, where they manufactured the Soyuz.

It is not yet known whether the government will dismiss Rogozin or someone else from Roscosmos . Borisov told the BBC that first it is necessary to establish the cause of the incident: “If in this emergency situation specific guilty parties are identified, then, of course, appropriate personnel decisions will be taken, this is a standard situation.”

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