Charging for iPhone independently ordered the presidential suite at the hotel

Artificial intelligence, apparently, snuck into the chargers. The story of one Chinese woman, who complained about the excessive autonomy of “charging” from her iPhone, suggests such thoughts. According to the girl, she connected the mobile phone to the charger and put the device on the table. Then the strangest thing began.

The iPhone, the model of which is not specified, allegedly launched the travel booking application itself, went to the list of available numbers, selecting the presidential suite for $ 1,500, and launched the chat for payment. The hostess pulled the charging from the smartphone, and at this moment the iPhone calmed down.

In addition to the described actions, the smartphone switched from 4G to 2G and tried to record what was happening on the screen. The girl connected the charger several times, at some point the smartphone tried to buy train tickets.

According to the owner of the iPhone, the phone has not been cracked and has the original firmware, but the charger is “left”.

As Gizchina writes , the problem may lie in the false triggering of the screen sensor, which was complained of in 2014. In addition, according to some experts, it is possible to hack the iPhone using chargers.

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