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“Yandex” announced a competition among developers of skills for “Alice” with a prize fund of almost 1.4 million rubles

One month – five winners, and so on until the end of 2018.

Yandex launched the first contest among independent developers for the most popular skills for the voice assistant Alice. The company plans to choose five winners every month, and so on until the end of the year.

The author of the best skill of the month will receive 150 thousand rubles. The second place winner will receive 100 thousand rubles, the other three winners – 85, 70 and 50 thousand rubles, respectively. The entire prize fund, therefore, will be 1.365 million rubles. The winners will be chosen by the organizers, who give marks to each participant.

The first stage of the competition started on October 10 and will last until November 1. The second will be held from 2 to 30 November, the third – from 1 to 27 December.

As stated on the Yandex website, to participate in the competition, you need to come up with a skill script for Alice, program it, connect the skill to Alice through Yandex.Dialogs and publish it in an open directory . One skill is awarded only once, but the developer can participate as much as necessary.

For developers of skills made recommendations. “Try to come up with such a skill that would help people solve everyday tasks or have a good free time,” noted Yandex.

By the beginning of the competition, dedicated to the birthday of Alice, Yandex collected statistics on how users play with an assistant in the city, the words “guess the animal”, riddles, “guess the song” and “guess the number”. For example, the company created a map, where it noted two hundred cities, “which people call most often, and connected each of them with all the cities from the top, which can be called a trace.”

According to Yandex, since March, developers have created 28 thousand skills, of which about 900 chat bots. Alice’s monthly audience is 30 million.

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