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On the border of the United States and Mexico, discovered a tunnel with rails, solar lighting and ventilation

Most likely, they planned to deliver drugs through him. But they did not have time to build a way out.

Tunnel from Mexico to the USA. Photos of the American Border Guard

Mexican police discovered an illegally built tunnel near the town of Jakumba, about 67 meters from the US border. Mexico’s Attorney General has allowed Americans to visit the site on this side and start its own investigation, said Customs and Border States.

Unknowns have built a tunnel over 190 meters long, 102 of which pass under the territory of the US state of California. To get into it, you need to go down to a depth of about nine meters. The average height of the tunnel is 0.9 meters, width – 0.7 meters.

According to the border service, an electricity system using solar panels was used in the tunnel. On its basis, lighting and ventilation worked underground. In the tunnel found two pumps for pumping water. Also along the entire length laid railroad rails.

The border guards went through the tunnel from Mexico, but they came to a dead end: there was no way out to the surface in the USA. Probably, those who used the underground “corridor” did not manage to finish it.

Most likely, they planned to deliver drugs through the tunnel. In the message of the American authorities this is not explicitly mentioned, but different CMI mainly adhere to this version .

This is not the first illegal tunnel discovered by border guards of Mexico and the United States. Journalists have noted that in recent years, drug suppliers have been upgrading secret passages, making them smaller and equipping them with various amenities, such as electricity and rails.

360 degree video from another drug tunnel between Mexico and the USA

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