In Yakutsk, the plane rolled out of the landing strip. Four people injured

The airport was closed, the prosecutor’s office began to check.

Photos from the community “Civil Aviation” in “VKontakte”

Passenger airliner Sukhoj superjet-100 rolled out of the runway at the airport of Yakutsk. According to Interfax, the aircraft landing from Ulan-Ude had its front landing gear broken. The Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed the incident and reported that there were 92 people on the liner, including 87 passengers.

After the incident, rescuers announced the closure of the airport and redirected all flights to the alternate airport in the village of Chulman. Because of this, 11 flights were delayed and two more were canceled. East Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office announced the beginning of the verification of the incident.

Yakut mass media clarified that the cause of the incident was bad weather conditions – wet snow and ice prevented the pilot from noticing the turning point on the runway. The airline “Yakutia” announced four injured passengers. An Interfax source said they were taken to hospital with minor bruises and headaches.

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