The journalist RT began to justify on Twitter Stalin’s gulags. And after criticism, I apologized for the “unreliable memes”

The girl has published pictures of the “privileges” of prisoners like two weeks off, civil rights and freedom of speech.

October 6 RT TV channel correspondent in Washington, Samir Khan (Sameera Khan) published on Twitter a picture with the “truth” about Stalin’s gulags. The journalist listed the privileges that supposedly were available to the prisoners and made the camps not such a terrible place as they are described. The next day, Khan shared a second part of the picture with subscribers.

Both lists were accompanied by the caption “The capitalists fooled you.” And in the place of the source of information it was stated: “Stalin’s Haters would still not trust any sources.”

“The correspondent of RT and the former Miss New Jersey” bleaches “the reputation of the gulags”
Several “privileges” from pictures published by the journalist RT.

There were annual two-week holidays in the Stalin GULAGS;
Permitted marriages;
Families could stay with prisoners;
Equal benefits with other citizens;
No prison uniform, shackles and handcuffs;
Free movement of the gulag;
Bonuses, rewards and exemptions for prisoners;
Prisoners themselves solved problems in prison;
Employment and civil rights after release;
The ability to produce newspapers, freedom of speech in the gulags.
Tweets Khan criticized her Western colleagues from other publications. They noted that the girl in an attempt to justify the Soviet camps provided the readers with unreliable information.

“The RT correspondent is trying to prove that the Stalinist GULAGs were not so bad, and whoever thinks otherwise is the victim of capitalism”

“I can’t even get mad at people who say:“ In fact, the GULAGs were a quiet, comfortable place, and there they allowed people to marry. ” Bless these fucking insane people for feeling fine with my broken brain. ”

“I didn’t expect my day to begin with reading the thread“ Generally, Stalin’s gulags were good, ”but that’s why I love this damned site so much”

“Nods to the fact that there was no prison uniform in the camps is not an argument. In Siberia, you are trying to pull off warm boots from the dead ”

“My favorite part is Stalin’s GULAGs, part 2.” Type the first part was not enough “

Reporters noted that in earlier tweets, Khan wrote about her readiness to “give his life for Stalin.” And on Instagram she published pictures in clothes with symbols of the USSR.

After criticism, the journalist deleted the pictures and apologized to the readers. She later deleted her Twitter account.

I just found out that the memes about the Stalin GULAGs that I published are unreliable. I apologize to everyone who is hurt. In no way was I going to “clarify” the tragic mass repressions of the Stalinist regime. Once again, sorry for the distribution of offensive and misleading information.

Samira Khan
RT correspondent
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