The expert explained why Russian Yasen-M submarines are better than American Virginia

Igor Kurdin, chairman of the St. Petersburg Submariners Club, is confident of the superior combat capabilities of the fourth-generation Russian nuclear submarines of the Yasen-M series over the American submarines Virginia. “If we compare the combat capabilities, then I would put“ Ash ”in the first place. Not because I am a patriot of everything domestic: the modernized “Ash” is more modern than Virginia,  ”RIA Novosti reports Kurdin.

According to the expert, the Virginia nuclear submarines are less versatile against the “Ash” and are more suited to search and destroy Russian strategic missile submarines (SSBNs) in order to prevent ballistic missile launches. “Ash trees” are unified submarines, working equally well on land and on surface targets.

Kurdin noted that Russian boats are largely automated, so they can be managed by a relatively small crew. For example, 85 seamen serve on the head “Severodvinsk”, while modernized ships will “steer” only 64 submariners. This is half the size of the Virginia.

In addition, due to the high-strength steel, the cruiser sinks deeper than the submarine Virginia – up to 600 meters versus 500 from the Americans. However, the “Ash” is slower and accelerates under water to a maximum of 28 knots.

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