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Sony is confident of the need to release a playstation 5

The head of Sony Kenichiro Yoshida in an interview with The Financial Times stressed that the release of “iron” of the new generation is a necessity. A top manager declined to confirm the name of the PlayStation 5, but journalists are confident that this is exactly the next generation console.

There is currently no information about the new Sony console. Earlier this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment head John Kodera announced the final stage of the PlayStation 4 game console life cycle. However, Sony does not intend to stop selling the current generation of the popular console in the foreseeable future, a significant reduction in sales is not expected.

It is noted that the example of the Nintendo Switch indicates the relevance of specialized gaming devices. True, it is planned to actively develop the trend, albeit not a new one, related to the streaming of games (xCloud from Microsoft and Project Stream from Google).

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