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Singapore Airlines announced the resumption of the longest flight, but without economy class

The Singapore – New York flight will once again become the longest non-stop flight in the world.

Photo of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has announced the resumption of flights between Singapore and New York, starting from October 11. This regular commercial flight will beat the record that Qatar Airways set in February 2017 using a flight from Doha to Auckland.

The duration of the non-stop flight will be up to 18 hours and 50 minutes, and the distance – 16700 kilometers. The Qatar Airways flight in this case will be shorter by about two hours and two thousand kilometers.

For a record flight, Singapore Airlines ordered a new Airbus A350-900 airliner in the Ultra Long Range ultra-long-range modification without the usual economy class – the plane has 67 business-class seats and 94 premium-class seats.

Business Class Chairs in the Airbus A350-900 ULR. Photo of Singapore Airlines

According to the airline, the liner and passenger service on board are designed to minimize discomfort from almost daily sitting in the seat. The cabin has high ceilings, sophisticated LED lighting, almost vertical side walls and low noise. To the thousand already available for watching movies and shows, another 200 have been added.

The cost of a business class ticket includes 30 MB of Internet traffic. As Bloomberg calculated , this is enough to sit on Facebook for an hour with an average data transfer rate of 4-8 Mbit / s. Additionally, for $ 28 you can buy another 200 MB.

Previously, Singapore Airlines has already operated such flights, but in November 2013 closed them due to inefficiency. From that point on, there is a transfer between Singapore and New York in Frankfurt.

Formally, the leader in long-distance non-stop flights is still a flight from Hong Kong to London, which was first flown on a Boeing 777-200 in 2005. The length of the route was then 21,602 kilometers, and the journey time was 22 hours and 40 minutes, but it did not become regular, performed on a commercial basis.

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