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Mash: Footballers Mamaev and Kokorin beat an official of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in a Moscow cafe

Information about the incident was confirmed by the press service of the Ministry.

Continued: the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case about the attack on an official in Moscow. The media concluded that we are talking about Kokorin and Mamayev .

Forward “Zenith” Alexander Kokorin and midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev on the night of October 8, a fight in a cafe by attacking the federal official, reportedTelegram-channel Mash.

According to the publication, the players came to have breakfast in one of the city cafes. The staff decided that the players were drunk or intoxicated. They ordered only coffee, while their company was noisy.

The staff tried to reassure friends, but they did not succeed. Then they made a remark to a regular customer of the coffee house – a Moscow official. Kokorin and Mamayev did not like it, and they beat a man right in the building, including throwing chairs at him.

A man who has suffered in the conflict with the players – Denis Pack, head of the automotive industry and railway engineering Industry and Trade Ministry, told theTelegram-channel.

It is alleged that the players insulted the official with obscene expressions, called him a Chinese, and advised him to go back home to make comments there.

Later, Interfax reported on the scuffle in a cafe on Arbat, citing a law enforcement source, but clarified that it does not have confirmation of the information. According to the source of the agency, information about the conflict between the players and the official came through the emergency line and is being checked.

The press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed to the RNS agency that Pak and Sergey Gaisin, General Director of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation FSUE “NAMI”, filed a complaint with the police after the “incident in the center of Moscow”.

In FC Zenit (where Kokorin plays) and FC Krasnodar (where Mamaev plays), they do not comment on it . According to Mash, in the RFU do not plan to punish the players.

On October 7, Zenit played with Krasnodar in St. Petersburg: Zenit won with a score of 2: 1, and Mamaev scored the only goal of Krasnodar. On October 7, Zenit, with 25 points, headed the standings of the Russian Football Championship, and Krasnodar, with 19 points, held the second place in it.

According to sports commentator and commentator Vasily Utkin, the news about Kokorin and Mamayev is similar to the “order”.

The news is either custom, or written by a cretin and looks like a custom, with a clear preference for one of the parties to the conflict. There is no police, one means a breakfasting frequenter, and the others, “it seems,” are stoned.
They didn’t turn to the police, but stuck in Mash.

Vasily Utkin
sports reviewer
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