In the history of spy chips in the servers of Apple and Amazon found fiction

Quite an unexpected turn took the story associated with the material Bloomberg, in which the publication told about the 30 largest companies whose servers were allegedly compromised with the help of “bugs” installed by “Chinese spies”. The degree of drama rose after one of the sources of Bloomberg, mentioned in the article, said that what was said “does not make sense.”

According to hardware security specialist Joe Fitzpatrick, who acted as one of the experts surveyed by Bloomberg, noted that the story told by him described a hypothetical scenario of spyware events. That was about a year ago. Then, in the Bloomberg material this scenario was described as completed.

Fitzpatrick stressed that the introduction of “spy” chips is possible, but it does not make sense because of the complexity of the process: there are much simpler and no less effective ways to intercept data. In addition, Bloomberg journalists in the process of preparing the material were not contacted by Fitzpatrick, they were preparing the material themselves.


Bloomberg: Apple and Amazon have spyware chips installed in China

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