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In the footsteps of Maradona and Streltsov. Who are the players sitting in jail?

Against the background of the behavior of Kokorin and Mamaev decided to see which of our well-known and foreign players turned out to be behind bars earlier.

Brothers Starostin

Crime: Officially-anti-Soviet propaganda, treason. Unofficially, winning at the Dynamo NKVD of Tbilisi.

Terms: 10 years with confiscation of property (amnesty to one of the brothers after 2 years).

The legends of “Spartacus”, against the background of football, had a conflict with the head of the NKVD, Lawrence Beria. In the semi-finals of the USSR Cup in 1939, the NKVD-owned Dynamo Tbilisi lost in the semi-finals to Spartak – 0: 1. “Dinamo” filed a protest because of a supposedly incorrectly scored goal, but it was sent. After winning the final against Leningrad Stalinets (3: 1), a very strange decision was made to replay the semifinal, the only time in the history of the game. Replay also won the Moscow club (3: 2).

Beria personally reported to Stalin about the Starostins’ “pro-fascist sentiments and hostile work”. As a result, the brothers received 10 years ’imprisonment with confiscation of property, but the elder brother Nicholas was released after 2 years.

George Best

Crime: Drunk Driving

Deadline: 3 months.

The North United States Legacy Manchester United and winner of the Golden Ball -1968, was caught by the police while drunk in 1984. When detained, resisted the police. He served 3 months in the London prison “Pentonville”, for the team which spent several games.

Yuri Sevidov

Crime: Accident with medical error.

Duration: 10 years. Amnesty after 4 years.

Yury Alexandrovich Sevidov, in 1965, being a young Spartak attacker, shot down a very famous, at that time, chemist scientist, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, hero of socialist labor, three times Lenin Prize winner Dmitry Ryabchikov. The academician was taken to a regular hospital with a broken leg, but the student on duty there picked up the anesthetic incorrectly, and the heart of the 62-year-old scientist could not stand it. Of Ryabchikov’s large ties, Sevidov received a maximum term of 10 years, but was released after 4 years he was released under an amnesty.

Paulo Rossi

Crime: sweepstakes fraud

Deadline: a few months.

World champion and leader of the Golden Ball -1982, in 1979, was disqualified for two years and spent several months in prison. The punishment was due to the fact that Russia deliberately handed over the matches in favor of the stakes in the bookmakers.

Edward Streltsov

Crime: Officially rape. no official refusal to move to CSKA or Dynamo.

Duration: 5 years.

The idol of the Soviet youth was detained before the 1958 World Cup, along with 2 other players of the national team (Boris Tatushin and Mikhail Ogonykov) on rape charges, but the case was initially controversial. Streltsov was pursued largely because of the refusal to move from Torpedo to the CSK MO (now CSKA) or Dynamo. In the 60s Edward was the second best player in the world after Pele.

Diego Maradona

Crime: possession and use of drugs

Term: 4 days of arrest and 1.5 years conditional

The man who scored “the hand of God”, fell in 1991 into the hands of the Argentine police, after admitting that he had taken drugs as an antidepressant. An additional complicating factor was 36 grams found in Diego Armanda. After 4 days of arrest, a large bail was paid for him. Further, the court sentenced Maradona to 1.5 years of probation.

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