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Google refused to fight for the state contract for $ 10 billion because of the principles

Google has voluntarily dropped out of the race for a government contract to deploy a “cloud” infrastructure for artificial intelligence systems. The customer is the US Department of Defense, the total value of the contract is $ 10 billion. Under the program, called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud (JEDI), it is planned to move massive Pentagon data volumes into commercial “clouds”.

Google is not sure that all future activities will be consistent with the company’s principles regarding AI. In addition, not all conditions of the JEDI contract can be fulfilled, since Google currently does not have certification for some of the items.

The decision to abandon the Pentagon contract came shortly after thousands of Google employees were protesting against working with US forces in the framework of Project Maven. It involves the development of algorithms for analyzing images obtained using drones. “Google should not be involved in the business around the war, ” said company employees.

Participating in the fight for the contract are also Amazon, which serves the “clouds” of the CIA, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.

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