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Facebook Announces Smart Portal Displays For Video Chat

The company Facebook continues to try their hand at the equipment market, simultaneously struggling with the consequences of the largest data breach . Now the social network has introduced a Portal device equipped with a camera and a microphone and designed for video chatting.

“Portals” can be used to communicate with other owners of the same devices, as well as with Facebook users without another device. Also, Facebook Portal (and a more advanced version of Portal Plus) can play music from the services of Spotify and Pandora, as well as broadcast video from Facebook Watch, reports The Verge.

The Portal camera has wide-angle optics and software that allows you to track the user as he moves in the field of view of the device. It is believed that the new devices are more convenient than regular phones, which have to be held in hand, and create the impression of a “common space”, where the conversation takes place.

It is noted that after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica and the transfer of data to third parties, users do not trust Facebook much. For this reason, the launch of Portal was postponed. In addition, “Portals” are equipped with an off button, which not only takes the gadget to sleep, but completely turns it off, preventing any electrical activity in the circuits.

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