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Yandex.Maps are watching you, even when you deleted them. Serious bug?

With the latest iOS update, life has become more interesting.

New features and chips iOS 12, a dark theme and much more, and, of course, the application Screen time. Just it showed that I was being watched, and this is not a joke. Taunts about the third stage of schizophrenia, namely the “persecution mania” are not relevant, and here’s why.

Being in Russia, I often use Yandex applications: Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Navigator, Yandex.Taxi. Conveniently, current maps, cafes, restaurants, shops, all at once.

At the same time, I have a habit of deleting applications when I change my location, as actually happened this time. Leaving Russia on a long trip, already at the airport, deleted all applications from Yandex, including Yandex Maps. 

And you will not believe! What was my surprise when, in the Screen Time application , I discovered the familiar Yandex.Maps application icon . And not somewhere in the penultimate place, but on the 4th, after the YouTube, Safari and Messaging apps.

Let’s go back to Yandex. Maps. It turned out that in the last 7 days, I used 3.5 hours for Yandex.Maps. What a twist!

Wrote about this situation in support of Apple. All that answered me is to reset all the settings of the iPhone. If it does not help, then reset to factory settings. Allegedly, this may be a bug and these actions will help.

Versions about statistics from other devices associated with one Apple ID disappeared by themselves, since the Yandex.Maps application is not installed on any other device.

A bug is or not a bug, but, as they say in the famous joke, “the sediment remained.” It has long been heard about the inclusion of a microphone in various applications, video recording and covert surveillance through a laptop camera, but in that way …

 What do you think? How long have you looked into the settings of the screen time?

I recommend to do it now. Maybe, like me, you will be extremely surprised to find something interesting in the list of used applications.

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