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Russian collects money to release the “exoskeleton” on the kinetic energy

The Russian engineer made another attempt to promote his development – a pair of devices called KineticStep. Their author calls the “exoskeleton”, but tech “sandals” more resemble the so-called “jumpers.” Now the inventor is raising money on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform – he has to raise $ 60 thousand.

The developer of the “exoskeleton” Andrei Guskov, a former military engineer, in the accompanying video compares his offspring with existing systems. According to him, other developments are a hundred times more expensive, much harder and therefore not so effective.

One of the features of KineticStep is that a person does not need to bend his knees, so walking is supposedly easier, and fatigue accumulates less. The load on other joints and the spine should also be reduced.

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