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Russia has developed an “innovative technology” of liquid cooling computers

Russian engineers have developed a technology for cooling computers that implies a complete immersion of the system in a liquid. For this purpose, a dielectric based on synthetic silicone-based oil is used, writesIzvestia. Pumps cause the fluid to circulate, and outdoor fans cool it, releasing heat into the environment.

It is noted that the development of Russian scientists surpasses the analogs, since the existing schemes are based on immersing individual components in a liquid, and the slightest breach of tightness of water hoses leads to a loss of computer performance.

“The uniqueness of our project is not only in the refrigerant, since there are analogues in the world, but in creating a fundamentally new cooling system based on it,  ” said Ivan Khrebtovsky, a representative of the project development company STORUS. – We have patented the technology of a holistic scheme using this liquid. To create the most efficient cooling technology, a multiparameter mathematical problem was solved. ”

Recall that in 2014, Intel and SGI demonstrated a Technologies liquid cooling system. Later similar developments showed GIGABYTE and ZTE .

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