iPhone or Android? I choose Windows Phone!

What is it, huh? Good headline? Do you think this is trolling?

No, I do not insist, this is only a modest personal opinion, but with arguments. Let’s go over these arguments and compare an outdated phone on a “dead” system with an iPhone.

Perhaps the last, because I’m unlikely to be able to add something new to the many topics and exhaustive reviews that are published on this resource. But it is from the proposed angle that the rare “iPhone vs Android” problem is rarely watched. Especially now, when Microsoft refused to develop Windows Mobile. Immediately warn you – I’m a fan of Apple and Microsoft. If only not Android! True, with Apple, I have a short experience. Only last year I bought an  iPad and another  iMac to replace the annoying PC on Windows 10, and immediately fell in love with Apple. To the system, to the philosophy, this is all this … neat, clear, smooth, convenient – starting with the mouse and ending with the keyboard shortcuts and the capabilities of standard applications. But I love Microsoft for their Office-365 (though the previous version is very good), and even for them the Windows – Phone !

So I have a smartphone like this: Microsoft Lumia 950 XL  Dual Sim . Purchased in 2016 a few months before the model disappeared from the stores. That is, already in 2016, it was not considered a novelty and cost much less than 50 thousand rubles (about this was the initial starting price). At that time it was possible to buy such a phone for 25 tr. in perfect condition.

I bought it to replace my Samsung Galaxy S2 ( SGS 2) on Android, which I spent several years waiting for a decent flagship. You ask what I was waiting for, because Samsung has such brilliant telephones! I needed a substantially large memory (operational and constant), a significantly better camera, two (two-ee!) SIM cards, a card slot (separate, not instead of one of the SIM cards!), FM radio and Fall-proof housing. All of the above is functional, something that you use every day. And the mother-of-pearl glass case and other “advantages” inspired to us are not functional. I waited, I waited from Samsung for replacing my SGS 2 and did not wait, having hated Android and Google services for constant painful updates. But waited Microsoft Lumia 950XL Dual Sim! Let me just list what I still like about him. Go!

1. Housing with polycarbonate lid, like SGS 2! Thin, light, durable. Yes, it does not shine and does not shimmer in the sun, but in the fall it does not turn into a beautiful mesh of cracks and all this credit to the cat in the tail.

2. Two SIM cards and a plus for them (plus for them!) A slot for a memory card! In general, I think that the invention of the combined slot “either a sim or a memory” is a mockery of consumers. Here explain to me how one is related to another? No, I understand that technically connected, it’s easier. But from the point of view of the consumer. What could be the situation, so I thought: “So, I will have to call from the second phone, so no additional memory will be needed.” Can you think of a situation with such a logical deduction? Comedy about a certain idiot does not count. Is the real situation possible? Why then do we offer these under-slots? Yes, even in the flagships! Want to save? In flagships?

3. Camera! The Lumia 950 XL  has a 20 megapixel camera from Carl Zeiss, which gives you just great pictures! I confess that I’m still waiting for an iPhone  or Samsung Galaxy with a camera of at least 20 megapixels, but since 2016 I can’t wait for such a camera with top models from respected manufacturers! You say, “Not everything defines megapixels.” Yes, but Lumia 950 XL honest good megapixels. You will say: “Why do you need 20 MP, use a dual camera. If you need to zoom in, use the zoom. ” I understand this logic, but in a huge amount the case is rescued by a “zoom” after photographing. When you took a photo and in a day or two, a year … what if you need to look at a specific part of the photo. Then there is a difference, sorry, 12 megapixels or 20. Megapixels are an honest “iron” functionality. And everything else is cheaper tricks for the sake of manufacturers.

4. AMOLED display! Yes, last year, Apple was honored to finally put the Amoled display in its flagship. But in SGS 2 I had it already in 2011! However, the Lumia 950 XL is  not just Amoled, but with the “Always On” function, which consumes almost no energy. On the screen off, the time and additional information to choose from is constantly on. I have the last title of the letter and the number of unread letters. At any time, you can look at the phone and find out what time it is. Do not believe it, but it is convenient! It is so convenient that now I will change my phone only for a model with the same function. You can set the night mode, when the letters become less bright and turn green, or blue, or red light.

5. Unlocking with a double tap on the screen, and locking with a double tap in the bottom area between the on-screen buttons. No need to reach for the buttons on the side, behind and somewhere else, no need to stare, attach, and so on. It is so convenient that now I will change my phone only for a model with the same function!

5.1. By the way, there is Windows Hello – unlocking and verifying the identity of the iris, but I do not use this function.

6. FM radio! Someone does not know what it is? Oh, yes, manufacturers have done everything possible so that people forget about this thing. Because an additional module, costs … And this is an independent radio that works when wired headphones are turned on – the wire acts as an antenna. Internet traffic is not wasted, Wi – Fi is not needed , during the End of the World you can always be aware of the latest news. I listen to him on the way to work. The FMreceiver at the Lumia 950 XL is  slightly less sensitive than the Samsung Galaxy S2, but still most of the stations catch without problems.

7. Fast charging. New iPhones also have it, only the power supply is put slow, right? Well, here everything is as it should be out of the box.

8. Barometer. A toy, of course, but nice. Not everyone has it. Feels the difference in the height of the table, by the way.

9. Working time: 1-2 days. As a rule, quietly 1.5 days when talking for 1-2 hours, periodic viewing of mail and the Internet.

10. Windows  Mobile 10. Yes, yes, the “dead” is not supported system. Microsoft betrayed, threw, a nightmare-nightmare, bid-bid … Updates still come to this dead system. Yes, these are only security updates and stability improvements. By the way, there is no slowdown with new firmware. But you know what rumors were about other manufacturers … Here, the company honestly continues to take care of its devices, even though it publicly denies them. Yes, the new functionality does not appear, but I do not need anything particularly new (see paragraphs 1-9). But Windows – Mobile  10 has a huge advantage over Android … see below.

10.1. No need antivirus! It’s true. I don’t have it! The news that “millions of smartphones are attacked by another virus,” I read calmly. For all the time, I have never encountered problems with viruses, etc. Even specially opened suspicious links. Apparently, the viruses simply do not know what to do with such an operating system.

10.2. No need to clear the memory and other optimization. I have never seen and did not put such programs. There is 3 GB of RAM, which is more than enough for the daily smooth operation of everything. Another 32 GB of internal memory, and I also put a 64 GB memory card. Sync photos with OneDrive . Not very important photos and heavy video files can be left only in the cloud, and their thumbnails will be displayed on the phone with a single click.

I do not list many pleasant things. These are only major important points. Functional, really necessary every day. Which requires the presence of appropriate “hardware”, and is not replaced by a program code or marketing hypnosis.

Tell me, which phones now have the same thing? And so all the items together?

Is the Lumia 950 XL the  perfect phone? No flaws at all?

Of course not. That is, yes, there are drawbacks.

1. Battery. This is a weak point 950 XL. With active use (heavy games), it wears out for about a year, swells up and the phone starts to hang up periodically. If you are the owner of this phone from 2015-2016, then you probably already changed the battery to a new one from China. Issue price of 1-2 tr.

2. Camera. No, it shoots beautifully, but not for long)) If you quickly make 15-20 shots, you are almost guaranteed to get a camera hang with the words “wait.” If you take pictures with HDRturned on , you will get stuck even faster. Maybe, if you wait for a very long time, everything will “break up”, but I never had the patience. It seems that not enough processor power or RAM. I know this flaw, and I do not take too many pictures in a row, as a result I come with hundreds of great photos from birthdays, concerts and other events. But I would not work as a sports photographer with this phone))

3. What is called “ecosystem”. Yes, Microsoft has stopped thinking about the further development of  Windows – Mobile , but it is thinking about integration with Android or iOS  ! “Start working on the computer, continue on Android or iPhone”. Hey, Microsoft, and Windows– Mobile ? We are your children, Microsoft! To whom you threw us, aaaa! In fact, here is an excellent version of all office programs: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, excellent integration with OneDrive . This is what I use, there are other proprietary programs. I upload files to my phone via cable or through clouds. But I would also like some kind of “magic” or something.

Well, why did it all write?

Why did I write all this?

First, I want to remind you that sometimes phone legends appear. Really good, made conscientiously, on which the creators worked honestly, without compromise and cunning. Such ones that are even outdated and “forgotten” by the manufacturer themselves continue to delight with their capabilities.

Secondly, I hope a little bit, but what if this letter reaches the manufacturers sometime, they will think and think, and make their devices a little better, and the world will become a bit kinder. Well, as a touching one, I got this last phrase, eh? No, I understand that none of the giants will repent and be cleansed in tears from this article. Frequent phone changes are the key to the manufacturer’s financial success. Where finance is innovation. I understand all this. Anyway … (see the last paragraph).

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