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In the Galapagos Islands, more than a hundred turtles have been kidnapped.

This was reported by the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador.

On September 27, a complaint was received from the Galapagos National Park about the kidnapping of 123 elephant turtles, which are endangered.

The area where the theft occurred was poorly protected, not equipped with cameras and light sensors. In this regard, the Galapagos Islands Prosecutor’s Office is conducting an investigation in accordance with article 247 on crimes against the wild flora and fauna of the Ecuadorian Criminal Code.

The elephant tortoise, or Galapagos tortoise, is a species of tortoise. Endemic to the Galapagos Islands, a threatened species. It is the largest living tortoise in the present and 10th in weight among all living reptiles, reaching a weight of over 400 kg and a length of over 1.8 meters.

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