In Safari on iOS 12, protection against invisible keyboards has appeared

At almost every WWDC, Apple talks a lot about the security and privacy that mobile OSes give to users. iOS 12 is no exception.

The developers paid a lot of attention to the protection of user data, but did not tell about a curious chip.

As it turned out, the mobile version of the Safari browser provides protection against fake invisible keyboards. The browser prohibits text input in full screen mode.

I found it one of the users of Reddit. You can see how this protection works as follows.

It is necessary to open any site in full screen mode. YouTube is suitable in the browser. Then you should transfer the video to full screen mode and press the display at the bottom, as if you were typing on the keyboard.

A dialog box will immediately appear on the display warning of the impossibility of using the keyboard in full-screen mode in order to combat fake keyboards. Reddit ]

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