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Google announced the closure of Google+ by the end of 2019. And confirmed the rumors of a massive data breach

Google announced that it will close the social network Google+ for ordinary users and leave only for corporate clients. This will happen in August 2019 due to the low popularity of the service, which in 90% of sessions use less than five seconds.

On October 8, shortly before the company announced the closure of the social network, The Wall Street Journal reported a leak of hundreds of thousands of users. Google promised to talk about how to upload their data from Google+. The company also acknowledged that there were security issues with Google’s customers and Android devices.

Google confirmed that, due to an error in the Google+ API API, proprietary information was shared, but clarified that there were no correspondences or contacts. According to media reports, this lasted from 2015 to March 2018. The company said the leak affected only photos, email addresses, and information about sex and age.

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