Check out this important little thing in your iPhone, otherwise it will sink

Apple smartphone models starting with the iPhone 7 began to receive a certain moisture protection .

iPhone 7/8 / X / Xr are protected under the standard IP67 , and the new flagship iPhone Xs / Xs Max have the best protection standard IP68 .

The difference in protection classes is not so significant, especially since the “drowned” guarantors are not accepted. It’s not necessary to prove how deep the smartphone was and how much time it spent in a liquid.

Where is the weak point of the moisture protection system

At the moment, in the current line of smartphones, the devices have a pair of technological holes: a Lightning connector and a slot for a SIM card. The cable port has no moving parts; it has long been learned to protect it to prevent moisture from getting inside the case.

The weak point is the SIM card slot . Removable tray is almost impossible to make completely sealed. The developers did not complicate their lives and added a banal rubber gasket.

If you install the SIM card once and forget about the slot, then such protection will be enough, but with regular access to the connector, the protection quickly loses its properties.

Those who removed the SIM card three or four times in their iPhone may well notice this:

The slot covering gum stretched out and not held in place. It is good that she was not lost at all when removing the slot.

To close the tray will need to use a pin, gently send the rubber gasket in place.

With the rapid closure of the gasket may completely burst.

How to be in this situation

In any case, you can not pin high hopes on moisture protection in the iPhone, no one guarantees anything to you, but only releases a chip for the sake of the chip.

Wetting your smartphone while it rains or cooking is one thing, and shooting under water in a river or at sea is another.

Moisture protection with the time of operation loses its properties, there may be a factory defect in it, the same slot for a SIM-card will begin to pass water over time.

If you once again do not expose the device to liquid – you can completely throw the gum from your slot and quietly use your smartphone further.

In the event that liquid hits occur, and the rubber gasket is no longer credible, order yourself a spare one:

This is how you can update the moisture protection of your smartphone and protect the weakest point – the SIM card tray.

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