Apple’s Most Important Analytics

Portal The Next Web analyzed the text of the presentation of the company, held on September 12. In this he was helped by the complete transcript of the broadcast, published by the Singju Post.

The word Apple in the presentation sounded 74 times (yes, there are 74 apples in the picture)
  • A total of 13,065 words were heard in the presentation. This, as noted by TNW, for example, is slightly less than half the volume of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, which has 27,000 words.
  • If we discard the official words, here are the top five most frequently used during the presentation: iphone – 147 times, new (“new”) – 106, apple – 74 times, watch (“hours”) – 70 times, abbreviation XS – 69 times .
  • If you make a sentence of the most popular words (the full list is available at the link above), give it to the robot and upload the result to Youtube, you get something like this:
As Tim Cook usually says: “wasn’t that a fun video?”
  • The average number of syllables in each word of the presentation was 1.62, and the average length of each sentence was 15.85 words.
  • The word “you” (you) sounded 221 times, and the word “we” (we) – 177. This indicates the focus of the company on the audience [note: A – analytics] .

In addition, before the presentation, TNW offered their employees to guess how many times the word “Apple” would be heard from the screen. The closest answer (73) was given by Matthew Beedham, writing about blockchain technology.

He was handed a bag of 74 apples. There was no limit to the happiness of Mr. Bidham:

After that, he admitted to the organizers of the competition that he could not tolerate apples.


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